Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thank you

First, thank you to everyone who attended our workshop today. I feel like we had a huge gathering, with great success!!!

Second, if you have ANY questions from today.....maybe something you saw that you can't find right now, let me know. I love sharing ideas and will be glad to find it if I can! If you want to leave any comments about what younliked or didnt like too, we'd love to hear!

Lisa and I presented at 1:00 today to a little over 100 guests. What a fun surprise. They just kept coming in and I only saw one person leave early. The worst part of it all was the heat in the room. The convention center should have had the air on!

Here is a picture of the poster I had hanging up that people asked for. I made this to use with our fifth graders. It really is just an anchor chart for the activity, but hanging this up, vs a regular ole piece of whitepaper with black writing,really makes the library look more imviting. It was worth the extra 10 min it took.I also do not keep the question cards around the edge, though they do look kinda nice there! :)

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