Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Peanut Butter Deliciousness

Stop reading right here if you don't love peanut butter and chocolate!!

Tonight cookies were made in my amazing kitchen for my staff meeting tomorrow with my part time job, Parents as Teachers. Today I received an email inviting me to come a little early for lunch, that one of my coworkers there was going to make chili. I was welcome to bring something sweet, or just come and enjoy if I didn't have time.

Well thank you to Pinterest, yet again!, I had this cookie recipe I was craving to try. I didn't follow it exactly, but they came out exactly like I wanted :)

If you are still reading, then you must love chocolate, peanut butter and deliciousness!! So here is what I did.....

I combined a whole stick of butter (warmed in the microwave for ooh about 40 seconds) and a cup of brown sugar and beat it like crazy!! Then I added just one egg and about a tsp of vanilla. I don't measure things like that very well, though it seems to work out ok! After I beat the heck outta that, I added a cup of crunchy peanut butter. I am sure you can use smooth peanut butter but I like to add crunchiness whenever I can. Next I excitedly got out my sifter  (I saw this on some cooking show, can't remember which one, and really wanted to try it so.. tonight was the night). I sifted (instead of just mixing and dumping) a cup and a half of regular flour, tsp of baking soda and a tsp of salt into the mixture. Beat, again.

Now the original recipe called for this mixture to be rolled into a log and set in the fridge for HOURS. Yeah, no, not happening here. It was after 8 when I started, so I just wet my hands, rolled the dough into 1 inchish (how do you really ever know?) balls onto my wonderful baking stone. After they were all on there, I used the good ole fork method and smooshed them down. They baked for 14.5 minutes in my preheated 350 degree oven, cooled on the rack...and then I dipped them in chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmm I just heated up some Hershey choc chips in a mug, maybe about a minute and a half (of course, I did stir them about every 30 seconds). I then dipped them in... and let them cool. YUMMMY!

Whatcha think?? I think delicious!!!


  1. These look so good. I wish I could try one now!!

  2. Its fun to read your post instead of just a regular recipe listed, I never made things just perfectly measured either. Happy cooking!

  3. Thanks!! They were a big hit at the staff meeting. It was fun to share them