Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hunger Games

This morning I stayed in bed way too to finish the Hunger Games, the first in the trilogy. I had no idea what this award winning novel was even about. I had, of course, heard people raving about this book, but still... I had no idea even what the plot was. I prefer to read books that way, not knowing the plot, then I have an easier time not guessing the ending.

I am at a new school this year, and trying to build relationships with my coworkers is what got me started on the book. Well, I love to read.. and that helped a lot. A wonderful kind teacher asked me if I had read the series, as she was just about to start. I had not, and when she came back after the first telling me how she couldn't put it down, I knew I wanted to read it. Hopefully this will be the beginnings of a friendship, as  we will no doubt discuss it when at school Monday. Another benefit happened when my principal saw the book on my desk. He got excited saying he was about to start reading it as well. Apparently his middle school son has read all three and invited him to read them. So now, there will be at least three of that can talk about it. My love of reading is not always something I can share with others, so this is something to look forward to.

I was sucked into the book, especially this monring. I am surprised it is a book initially targeted at young adult, middle school students. It is extremely brutal in parts, so loving in others. I like there was no sex, just a smidge of kissing. The plot is interesting enough to keep you guessing, most of the time. It also makes you think, think about if something like this could really ever happen. We really live in a good time in life, in the USA, to be able to feel safe and feel like we can achieve whatever dreams we strive for. 

 I am excited to start the second one on Monday. Until then... I am off to the outlet mall with two tweens!!! 

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