Friday, January 13, 2012


Today was a great day at work. I may not have been very productive but I had a good day. Won free tickets to see the Harlem Globetrotters next weekend, ate at Papa Angelo's with a good friend for lunch, took Philip to the doc, and even had a great dinner out with an old coworker/good friend.

Then I came home.

Apparently little Miss Abbie got her folder signed today. Similar to getting your color flipped, just this is 5th grade style. I don't want to give specifics, but she called someone a mean hateful name on the playground, more than once. I was so embarrassed and angry, and really almost felt like I wanted to call her names. She used a word we never use. As  a teacher myself, I know we always think they learned these things at home. Well, not this time KIDDO! Well, not totally. I asked her and she said on CABLE TV!!!! Ok so maybe it's overboard, but I am cancelling all those kid channels tomorrow. UNBELIEVABLE . I know I am not the best at censoring what she watches, but I never did with the boys, and they turned out great.

What a thing to come home to.

Hopefully she really is sorry, and I will, of course, forgive her (I already have!). It's just heartbreaking. 

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