Saturday, January 26, 2013

December was an exciting month is our classroom. I feel blessed we are able to celebrate Christmas, though not the real reason behind it.

Here are some of the lessons and activities that happened in our class:

We were secret elves to our Kindergarten Rocket Buddies. Every day we secretly sent a note and a fun surprise to their class. The notes all started with...
On the 12th (descending order) day of school before the Christmas break, my secret elf gave to me.....

What fun for both classes. The last day we barged into their classroom to deliver gifts to each students. We were pleasantly surprised to get a gift back from them, too.
Check out the fun!
Two cuties in their pj's!
Brothers and Buddies! Very exciting :) 
Student decorated this gift for one of their buddies! Isn't it beautiful :) 
Opening gifts is always fun!

I always feel so blessed as a teacher. December was no exception!

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