Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New beginnings

I've never been the most reflective person but in all my life, all 44 years, I don't think I have ever been so glad to usher out a year and start a fresh one. Last year at this time, life was calm, happy. The biggest thing we were expecting in 2014 was for  our new exchange student, Eva, to move in with us. Looking back, that surely was one of the best things that did happen. She is such an incredible young lady. She fit in our family like a long lost relative.

A lot of what has shaped the rest of 2014 for Abbie, Philip and I was not so great. If you haven't read/heard about our accident then look at my other posts. I don't even want to think about it.
Though, it shaped us in many news ways and has taken us in new ways that I never even considered.

It's easy to talk about the negative but let me instead highlight just a tiny bit of what I've learned/experienced from it:

  • The Shriners are an amazing group of people who do amazing things for free for children. Donate to them every single time you see them. Even if it's just a dollar. They are unbelievable. 
  • Philadelphia is a place I cannot wait to go see again. 
  • That tragedy can bring people into your life and make fast friends. We met a woman from NH who came to help in Moore. We connected in such a great unexpected way. Deb, Abbie and I and even her now 2 dogs. I hope when we go back east in May, we are able to see her and NH. 
  • Neurosurgeons can be personable and fun and still do things that are mind blowing. I will forever feel gratitude to Dr. Martin and Dr. Yaun from the OU hospital in Oklahoma City. FOREVER. 
  • The people of Cherokee Hills Christian Church are some of the most amazing people ever. People who don't just talk the talk but actually live it. 
  • I love Jeeps. :) 
  • Bethany Oklahoma has an amazing rehab facility for children, The Children's Center. I live about 3 miles from it and had no idea that it was what it is. It is an incredible place for special needs children. 
  • I think maybe part of the plan of our family moving to OKC was so we would have the amazing support we did from the accident. People I work with now and have worked with the past 7 years, church family, friends and even strangers. 
  • Abbie loves being on camera. 
  • I really was unhappy and so confused about why I had to, but now I am so grateful I traded my Mazda in. The sheer size difference in the mini van saved lives. 
  • The US govt needs to change insurance laws for semis. 
  • Abbie and I are closer than ever! 
  • True friends stay friends no matter time nor distance. Dr. Louis Caragine was a friend before he was became the astounding neurosurgeon he is. He helped me the night after the accident in a way I can never ever repay. Some families from Ferndale chipped in and surprised Abbie with a kindle (that has come in handy !!) and another friend from Ferndale sent her an amazon gift card so she could get started on her kindle. These are all people who loved Abbie before she was even born and are still a blessing in her life (and mine too!) 
  • Philip loves Abbie in a whole new way. It's glorious to see. 
  • Trauma can continue to affect you long after. This is a hard one for me, as I feel I have moved on but need to be aware it was not me that needs to heal.  
  • For weeks maybe months before, this song was literally stuck in my head. I would heard it all the time. I never loved it before and somehow I knew God put it in my head for a reason. I am certain the calmness of the song resonated throughout my soul the first days after the accident. Keeping me same, helping me to be calm and reassured and LOVED.  

  • .......... Higher than the mountains that I face, Stronger than the power of the grave, Constant through the trail and the change, one thing remains, Your Love Never Fails, never gives up... Never runs out on me. And on and on and on it goes, it overwhelms and satisfies my soul, and I NEVER EVER NEVER HAVE TO BE AFRAID, one thing remains In death, In life, I’m confident and covered by the power of Your great love, My debt is paid, there’s nothing that can separate my heart from Your great love...
God is
Good , all the time!! 

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