Saturday, June 2, 2012

Found a great resource

This is a great article for teachers of all grades. With more emphasis on non fiction, you can't go wrong checking this out.

Online Sources for Informational Text

Blessings Gathering

Last night was my first Blessings Unlimited gathering hosted at my house.  I am hoping word will spread, and then the business will take off. We shall see! Here are some of the fun pictures from it.. notice my Abbie and her friend Molly. They were the "setup" gals!

If you still would like to order, please check it out here:

If you are unable to attend, you may still shop online and receive the great Guest promotions available for each month. When placing an order online, please use the User Name and Password provided above at checkout to ensure your Hostess receives credit for your order.

Don't forget to come check out this new adventure for me :) I would love if you would see what it is all about. No PRESSURE.... Thanks :) Kathy

Hard working sweeties!!
More reserved and looking sweet!!

This is just a SMALL sample of what is in the catalog. Check it out!

I need to work on my photography skills! darn iPhone! :)

This apron is so adorable!